Family Stories

Family Stories

Feedback from families we have helped...

A Huge And Heartfelt Thank You

"Firstly a huge and heartfelt thank you not only for giving Sam the opportunity to go skiing, but also for giving us the opportunity to support future trips via his sponsored ski race. The joy we saw on Sam's face as he told us about Morzine, the amazing photos he took and the enthusiasm with which he described his week ... Read more >

Pippa Mother
Happy family enjoying winter vacations in mountains.

Philly’s Bucket List Wish Came True

"An email asking for advice for a lady with a severely disabled daughter resulted in us being contacted by Ski 4 Cancer, who said the charity may be able to help our friend Philly. It all sounded too good to be true. It wasn't! We cannot thank the team at Ski 4 Cancer enough for making Philly's bucket wish come ... Read more >

Biddi Patient

This Time Last Year I Was Stuck In A Hospital Bed

"My time in Meribel this year holds particular significance for me and my family. When on the top of the mountain, looking out on the vista I couldn't help but think that this time last year I was stuck in a hospital bed, suffering badly with the effects of cancer treatment and worrying if I would ever ski again. This ... Read more >

Ceri Patient

A Week Without The Yucky Stuff!

When 8 year old Ruairi­ was diagnosed with a brain tumour, the whole world turned even further upside down for his parents, Susan and Peter. They already had a 14 year old daughter with a chronic illness, plus two other young children. How these two brave parents managed to cope is almost unthinkable. With one child already undergoing hospital treatment, ... Read more >

Susan Mother

A Part Of My Life That I Will Always Treasure

In March 2005, Trustee Graham Precey received an email from an exceptionally brave lady called Tracy. Tracy had been diagnosed with an extremely rare form of sarcoma back in January 2002, just 18 months after the birth of her third daughter. Her email detailed some of the treatment she had undergone since that date. Some of it was extremely aggressive ... Read more >

Tracy Patient

We Forgot About Life’s Troubles

Carl and Catriona from Staffordshire have recently returned from a wonderful cruise courtesy of Fred Olsen and Sail 4 Cancer. Carl had nominated his wife Catriona for a week's cruise together to: "Bring a smile back to her face, as she has gone through so much sadness." Carl's story began with a pulled calf muscle which didn't seem to heal. ... Read more >

Carl Patient

The Best Holiday We’ve Ever Had

Many people who go on their first Neilson holiday find it a life-changing experience; learning a new sport, making new friends or taking the first steps towards getting fit perhaps. However for Amanda Roberts and her family it was the opportunity to laugh again that made the difference to them. Amanda and husband Paul lost their son Spencer at the ... Read more >

Amanda Patient
Family sailing day - Sail 4 Cancer

An Incredible Morale Booster

Claire and her fiancé Andy spent a day sailing with Sail 4 Cancer in 2010. Claire summed up their experience: ''An incredible morale booster, sailing for the day felt so freeing and enabled my fiancé and I to spend some quality, fun time together without putting a strain on our finances. We've had a tough few months recently, not just ... Read more >

Andy Patient

A Holiday Of A Lifetime

It was whilst sailing in the Fastnet Race of 2009 that Kay Stibbs worried things were 'not quite right'. On her return home she was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer and found herself being whisked off for immediate chemotherapy, followed by surgery, more chemotherapy, then radiotherapy. Finally a year after it had all begun she had another CT scan which ... Read more >

Kay Patient

Nobody Knew That I Was A Cancer Patient

Some of our nominated families have a long wait before they can take their respite trip. The charity wants to ensure that each individual has the best experience they possibly can, at the time which is most suitable for their health and circumstances. If this means waiting for several years, that's what 4 Cancer will do. Julie was nominated for ... Read more >

Julie Patient