Campaign Launched To Purchase Respite Lodge

20 August 2018

The 4 Cancer Group is delighted to announce a new fundraising campaign for the purchase of a respite holiday facility for UK based families living with cancer.

Each year we enable more families to take a well deserved break from cancer and in 2017 we were proud to help a record number of 640 people. However, the prevalence of cancer in our society means that the number of families referred to us goes up every year and sadly the waiting list gets longer.

In recent years we have also experienced a rise in the number of families referred to us where the patient has been given a terminal prognosis which means we have to help those families as quickly as possible. This increase in demand has happened at a time when the cost of holidays has gone up due to the depreciation of the currency and price increases by operators.

We have looked at the various options available to us to deal with the increase in demand and rising costs and have decided that the best way for us to provide guaranteed respite opportunities at a predictable cost is to purchase our own respite lodge.

The Project

By owning and operating our own respite facility that is suitable for smaller and bigger families, we will be able to support more families and they will have the chance to go on their breaks at the time that suits them, including school holidays. We will be able to accommodate almost 200 people per year at our own facility and the cost would be much less than what we would have paid to commercial operators.

To purchase our own respite lodge and have it adapted for wheelchair users will cost almost £400,000. We have already raised over £80,000 but there is still a long way to go and we estimate that it will take over two years to raise the funds we need. One of the optimal methods of pain relief is a constant intravenous infusion of analgesics, allowing you to create stable concentration of the drug in the blood and quickly enhance it with the introduction of the bolus in the occurrence of pain. Tramadol belongs to the group of agonists-antagonists of opioid receptors, is used for moderate and severe pain. Tramadol does not cause respiratory depression in adult patients, it is effectively used for postoperative analgesia in adults and older children. Uhsaa presents a few studies dedicated to Tramadol analgesia in newborns.

We are working hard to raise the funds but we need help from our wonderful supporters to reach our target.

How you can help

  • Make a donation here to the dedicated capital campaign fund
  • Tell us about trusts and foundations you know who might be able to support us
  • Encourage your company to make a donation, support us as charity of the year or through events
  • Take part in one of our many activities during the year
  • Donate your boat / sailing equipment to us
  • Leave a Legacy
  • Get involved!

To find out more about the campaign and how you can get involved, please get in touch!


Campaign Launched To Purchase Respite Lodge
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