Skin Cancer Campaign Launched

01 November 2010

Given the prevalence of skin cancer within the sailing community, Sail 4 Cancer has launched a campaign to encourage sailors to wear hats when out on the water. Sailors are much more susceptible to the effects of the sun because water reflects the sun’s rays upwards – so in effect sailors are getting exposed twice.

The campaign is launched in partnership with FatFace, a brand which has a long association with water-sports.  They have very kindly donated a large number of wide brim sun hats which we will give away by way of competitions and also sell to raise valuable funds for the charity.

The campaign which is called ‘Keep it in the dark’ will hopefully provide a blatant reminder to sailors to keep their faces and neck ‘in the dark’ when out on the water.  When you consider that there are over 2,000 deaths per annum in the UK from skin cancer, this campaign could save someone’s life.

To celebrate Sail 4 Cancer’s 10 year anniversary next year we are looking to do something really memorable! We are looking for the top three fund raising ideas that will help us to raise our profile, get media attention and commemorate our ten years providing respite breaks for families living with Cancer.

Send us your ideas in no more than 250 words to enter. The best three ideas will win a limited edition Sail 4 Cancer, ‘Keep it in the dark’ sun hat!

Entries can be made on our Facebook site, our Twitter site or by email:

Skin Cancer Campaign Launched
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