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A Huge And Heartfelt Thank You

Firstly a huge and heartfelt thank you not only for giving Sam the opportunity to go skiing, but also for giving us the opportunity to support future trips via his sponsored ski race.

The joy we saw on Sam’s face as he told us about Morzine, the amazing photos he took and the enthusiasm with which he described his week with you to us was just incredible to witness, (noting that usually he is very sparing with any kind of detail about his day to day activities, as teenagers tend to).

Sam has made some new friends and has really caught the skiing bug – though we understand his off-piste technique needs work! The experience you gave Samuel will certainly stay with him for many, many years.

It gives us great pleasure to enclose a cheque for £543 for the sponsored slalom event. In addition a further cheque for £37 is enclosed; the proceeds of an Easter Cake sale at the office.



A Huge And Heartfelt Thank You
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