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Thank You A Million Times

Having just got back from the Retreat resort in Savota we can’t wait to thank you and your colleagues for the lovely opportunity you gave us. The resort was wonderful, the food great and the weather sublime. In all we could not have expected a better holiday.

Two other cancer sufferers from my support group and their husbands were on the same holiday and although we we went our own ways during the day we dined together in the evenings. It is a great activity centre and I had a go on the canoes and snorkling. I also achieved a lifetime ambition of water skiing, I just had the one go just to say I could, and managed to ski on the water.

Quite a number of my cancer friends have now booked holidays with Neilson, at first they were cautious not believing that they could be this lucky and that anyone could be this generous but gradually realised it was true. I will send you some pictures of our holiday as soon as I can select a few. Once again thank you a million times. If I can help again in the future I will be more than happy to do so. Keep up the good work.



Thank You A Million Times
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