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What You Do Is Fantastic

Kim had only just completed the surgery and treatment for breast cancer in her right breast when it was found to have spread to the other breast. The fear and anxiety resulting from having two cancer diagnoses in 11 months would take its toll on anyone – when you also have a very young family it’s really tough. Kim’s husband is very supportive, however being self-employed, and caring for her and their two little boys was both emotionally and financially draining. Kim’s Breast Care Nurse, Ruth, was adamant that this family desperately needed a break – time to relax and regain their strength to continue the battle.

It took a while to get a break booked, as Kim found that scans, treatment and other hospital appointments took up huge amounts of her time. 4 Cancer Group understands this all too well and waited until Kim was in a situation to think clearly about what they would like to do.

They chose to go on a family break at Butlins in Bognor Regis in May. Kim took her mum and dad along as well as they had been so helpful throughout her treatment – plus it meant they would have babysitters on hand too! On booking their break Kim said:

“I am very excited! I think it’s been about 20 years since I’ve been to a Butlins…..I reckon they’ve changed a bit since then! Thank you for waiting for so long for me to book something. The break will come nearly at the end of my treatment so it will definitely be needed!”

Despite the fact that Kim said she was exhausted from treatment before they went away, she and her family had a great break.

“We had a really lovely time at Butlins and had such great fun. It was so great to have some days away from home and forget about cancer for a while. Our boys had smiles on their faces all day which was lovely to see. We were really lucky with the weather too and managed two days on the beach!”

Kim sums up her experience:

“What 4 Cancer Group do is fantastic. When you are going through treatment all your time goes on hospital appointments or feeling tired. Also money is very tight so we wouldn’t have been able to go away during treatment; to have some time away from everyday cancer life with my boys was fantastic. We found all the staff so friendly and helpful too, both the charity and Butlins. Thank you so much for making it happen.”



What You Do Is Fantastic
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